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My passion for fitness didn’t really begin until I was well out of college and one of my co-workers started making me go to work out classes with her instead of happy hour. It was soul crushing to me at first, but eventually became part of my routine and something I (gulp) looked forward to! When she moved to California, I was pretty sure my love for fitness would end and I would go back to McDonalds and redbulls immediately. Shockingly, I continued to explore fitness classes all over the city – from crossfit to yoga to spinning, and it soon became my favorite hour of the day. 

 When people tell me they hate working out I always ask them “well, what are you doing?” The answer usually is something between running endless miles on the treadmill or wandering aimlessly around the crowded gym not knowing where to begin (umm been there). So my go to response and fitness motto is to remix your workout. Switch it up, try something new, challenge yourself, take a day off – whatever it is that mixes things up for you and keeps both your mind and body from getting bored.

As a Philadelphia-based personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I am a not only a big promoter of exercise and wellness, but also of balance. My go to breakfast is egg whites, turkey bacon and tons of veggies scrambled together, but you bet you can find me eating copious amounts of ice cream (coconut to be exact) at Aunt Bettys in Ocean City all summer long…some days I train super hard and other days my only exercise is walking down the street to grab a coffee… because that’s real life. So if you’re ready to start a fitness program or just want to mix up your current workouts, I would love to work with you!

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One-on-one personal training: This option is perfect for someone looking to get a personalized workout designed with their specific goals in mind. One-on-one training offers individualized attention and maximum benefits in a short amount of time.   One-on-one sessions can be purchased in 1-, 5-, or 10-session packages and are 45 minutes per session, although custom packages are always available. Schedule your first session today and let’s get you one step closer to your fitness goals!


Small group personal training: This option of training can be provided for two or three clients at a time, with a workout that can be modified to fit each group member’s particular fitness level. Small-group training still provides individualized attention, but also allows the members to enjoy the camaraderie of a group environment to keep things lively and fun!

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